The Craven County Democratic Party is part of the North Carolina Democratic Party, which is in turn part of the Democratic Party nationally. Additionally, we’re also part of the 3rd Congressional District Democratic Party.


At the county level, our executive board consists of the following members:

Chair: Dorothea White
1st Vice Chair: Jay DeLoach
2nd Vice Chair: Helen Robinson
3rd Vice Chair: James Gilmore
Secretary: Amber Harmon
Treasurer: Libbie Griffin
Chair, African-American Caucus: Ann Herndon
Chair, Democratic Women of Craven County: Pat Chylko


The main form of organization for the county’s Democratic Party is at the precinct level. Using the precinct lines drawn by the Craven County Board of Elections, each precinct has its own Democratic organization; these precinct-level organizations have an official vote on the county Democratic Party’s Executive Committee and send delegates to vote at the county Democratic Party convention.

Many precincts have regular meetings every month or every quarter, to build community and plan out how they’re going to work to make their precinct, our county, our state, and our country a better place for all of us.

Find your precinct to get involved!


In addition to the geographically-organized precincts, we have several organized caucuses whose membership includes people from throughout Craven County. These organized caucuses have an official voice and a formal vote in party business, as part of the Executive Committee and at our county convention.

African-American Caucus
Democratic Women of Craven County