The Craven County Democrats strongly condemn House Bill 780, an unconstitutional attempt to roll back the progress we’ve made to ensure that everyone has the right to marry the person they love, regardless of their sexual orientation.

If this bill passes, it will likely have the same economic impact as the disastrous HB2, triggering more boycotts of North Carolina by corporations, conventions, and sports leagues like the NCAA and NBA.

While we’re very disappointed that Michael Speciale, one of the state legislators who represents Craven County, is sponsoring this bill, we’re hardly surprised. Throughout his tenure in the state legislature, Speciale has carried water for narrow special interests against the basic rights and freedoms of ordinary North Carolinians, including LGBT people.

We’re standing with Speciale’s constituents in looking forward to the November 2018 election, when we can boot him out of office and replace him with someone who will stand up for the rights of everyone regardless of their sexual orientation.