Craven County Democratic Party

Woking for the North Carolina residents in Craven County 

Quality Education
Support Affordable Health  Care

Monday September 28th

Famous Restaurant,

 2210 Neuse Blvd, New Bern

Dutch Treat Dinner at 5:30

Meeting Begins at 6:30


Peter Connelly



Our goals are to improve the opportunies for citizens by working with government and community leaders to:

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Party Officers

PJ Connelly

Mary Shaw

Dave Herndon

Eric Smith

Valeria Truitt

Nanette Cobb


1st Vice Chair:

2nd Vice Chair:

3rd Vice Chair:



Join us for our Monthly Meeting


  • develop in Craven County world-class public school educational opportunities for our children,

that supports all children in reaching their full potential

  • provde our students the life skills necessary to be successful as adults

  • work with the business community and expand the employment opportunities 

  • increase the communication between those that serve the community in elected or appointed positions

  • make Craven County a destination for new business with well paid jobs.


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